Visiting le Jardin Botanique

Last week my family and I spent 3 days and 4 nights in Montreal, Canada as a long weekend vacation and it was well worth every second. For some people, going to Canada may not be too exciting because you may think it’s basically like the midwest with some French speaking areas, right? But Montreal is the hub for adventure and culture, making it feel like France is just a car ride away!

The first place we went to under my mom’s recommendation was le Jardin Botanique. This garden was huge and had different sections, whether it be pathways of flowers or a giant koi pond. That being said, the koi pond is a must-see because the fish will swim right up to you in hopes of food, and the whole pond is absolutely gorgeous! The boardwalk that I’m sitting on below allows visitors to cross the pond and get a closer look at our fishy friends.

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Another great aspect to le Jardin Botanique is that students get a reduced entry price which made it affordable (bring your school ID to get the discount) and my family spent at least two and a half hours going through as much of the garden as we could. We got our money’s worth out of the experience for sure. No matter where we went, none of us were bored for a second because each part of this garden was artistically planned out and beautiful.



My all time favorite attraction was the jaw-dropping sculptures made from willow branches by the artist Patrick Dougherty. He and his artistic team created various sculptures that you can walk through such as huts and even a Celtic knot. Because these are installations, they are sadly temporary to the garden (we learned this the hard way after my mom was looking for a topiary exhibit), but there’s usually an artist’s installation within the garden at all times.

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If you ever travel through Montreal, le Jardin Botanique is a must-see! Make sure you go in the late spring or summer when the flowers have a chance to bloom. This was one of the best experiences I had over my vacation and is definitely worth spending half the day here.


If you are planning your upcoming Montreal visit, bon chance! (Good luck!)

9 thoughts on “Visiting le Jardin Botanique

    1. Haha aww thank you, you’re so sweet:) Yo Jesus is the best! And thanks so much! I love church architecture too and I was thinking of doing an article about the ones I visited in Montreal along with some other stuff, so I’ll keep ya posted!

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      1. It’s going really well! I literally just made this yesterday, so I’m trying to figure it all out but I really like writing in my spare time so I wanted to try it out! How is yours going?

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      2. That’s so awesome, your posts are so funny! I want to write about a mixture of travel, faith, fashion, and other random things that happen in my life! I’m going to try to post at least once or twice a week! Thank you so much, haha you’re so sweet:)

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      3. Really? That’s so cool! Where have you visited? And I’ve been through a lot of Europe but I really want to go to India and Japan some day! I watched your Rogue 1 video and enjoyed it very much, so I don’t necessarily believe that!

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