Ready for Spring

Although I thought it might snow forever, I was gladly mistaken! I happily brought out my bright red gear and funky accessories to celebrate. Red is very popular this season, especially with color blocking being such a fad. Madewell had this fabulous shirt that’s simple, bright, and perfect for the spring and summer. Not to mention, it’s on sale!

I also found my necktie at Madewell too, perfect for styling to create a little detail, texture, and pop for your outfit! It’s super cute and can go with just about anything.

Next up are my cropped black jeans, perfect for warmer weather and compliments any pair of ballet flats, sandals, or low cut shoe. I found my pants at Urban Outfitters, but this pair from American Eagle is very similar to what I have now.

I got my red leather fringed shoes from an Antique barn 5 minutes away from my school! They are from the 70’s and are still in great condition. Antique barns or any kind of antique store are some of the best places to find vintage clothes in good condition! Since they’re vintage I haven’t seen any other shoes like mine but here’s a similar pair that I found off of a British footwear website.

You can’t leave the house without a purse! My Kate Spade purse is my go-to purse for every occasion. Although it’s not on the website anymore, here is a similar looking version of my purse:

I hope you’re all inspired with a happier, brighter, spring season xo, Brynne

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