Night Out

I found the perfect outfit for going out and having fun, especially for a good bargain. The top that I found is from Topshop, which I actually found at Salvation Army and it was brand new with the tags on! It was originally $68 but I got it for $4. Seriously, if you have any second hand stores or thrift stores around you, check them out! I couldn’t find the top on Topshop’s website, but I found a similar top that ties in the front and is super cute. I love tops that tie because I find them very flattering for anyone and you can readjust them to your size.

Any top is perfect with a pair of jeans. I love myself a good pair of skinny jeans because they can go with just about anything and you can dress them up and down. My jeans are Lucky Brand which were originally $129, but I got them for $40 at TJ Maxx (which is honestly great because you can find tons of name brand items for WAY cheaper at TJ or Marshalls).

I also found a great lipstick at TJ Maxx that matched my outfit perfectly! I love the makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills because their products are high quality and last awhile. I have their lip gloss color “catnip” which is fun, bright, and perfect for going to dinner or grabbing a drink with friends. It also doesn’t smudge and stays on the entire night, I didn’t have to reapply it once!

Lastly, my wedges I borrowed from my fabulous mother so I’m not exactly sure when or where she got them from, but I love tan wedges for the summer and I linked a pair that I absolutely love down below. They can go with basically any outfit and dress up any pair of jeans.

Hope you have a great time planning your next night out! Xo, Brynne

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