5 Summer Fancy Pants

I’m so excited that wide legged and high waisted pants are making a comeback in 2018! When you have no idea what to wear and you’re like me and have too many skinny jeans, these pants can be a a great statement piece Here are 5 of my favorite picks for the summer. (Links to each pair can be found by clicking on the image)

1. Madewell: $88

I absolutely love yellow, it’s one of my favorite colors! I’ve seen so much of this mustard yellow color this season and it easily brightens up any outfit. These are kinda pricy but the flare is really flattering with the mid-calf length.

2. Urban Outfitters: $69

These pants have such a fun texture to them, not to mention they have the typical 70’s vibe with the tight fit until the very bottom. I appreciate how versatile these pants are because you could pair a tighter top or even a loose sweater and these would still look super cute.

3. American Eagle: $39.95

These pants have so much funk and can make any solid colored top look way more exciting. American Eagle is one of my favorite brands because they have a lot of classic clothing pieces and their clothes are very well made. These pants are a lot more affordable for my sad college student wallet so I would get these in a heartbeat!

4. Free People: $128

And alas, my wallet cries mournfully because these pants are so wonderful. I like finding these pants in neutral colors in order to pair them well with a cute, bright top. Not to mention, these pants have POCKETS people!!! (Do women have rights for pockets? The world may never know.)

5. Nasty Gal: $24

Say hellooooo to affordable! Nasty Gal is another great brand for poor college folk. Their stuff is affordable and fits really well. This pair doesn’t have the wide pant leg, but they have a similar waist as some of them. These are perfect for an interview, business meeting, audition, or even a night out! Black pants are great for just about any occasion and I am a big fan of these.

Happy pant hunting for the summer, get a fancy pant that makes you feel powerful and beautiful! xo, Brynne

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