10 Ways to Have a Positive Day

1. Get up a little earlier than you have to

I am the queen of getting up just in time to throw clothes on, run around the house, and rush through a granola bar and bring a cup of coffee with me. When I wake up even 15 minutes earlier than I have to, I’m not as stressed when I’m starting my day and I have time to do everything I need to without running out the door!

2. Allow yourself some stillness

Whether this is in the morning, the middle of the day, or even right before bed, give yourself some time by yourself to reflect. Even the most extraverted person needs their own time to think. Give yourself 5 minutes just to reflect on how you’re feeling and be at peace.

3. Listen to music

I like putting on some of my favorite songs to start the day, something peaceful and thought provoking. But whether it may be some soft acoustics or high energy pop music, listen to the songs that give you energy and refocus you on the day.

4. Get off your phone

Scrolling through instagram or online shopping can be great in portions, but not for hours at a time when you eventually realize you’ve wasted the whole day. Enjoy a good book, get outside, and don’t look at your phone. Be present with the people around you and then you won’t feel like there’s someone better to be with or something more exciting to do.

5. See the best in people

Sometimes things happen in the day where your coworker/family member/friend/significant other got on your last nerve. Those are also the stupid situations where it will anger you for the rest of the day and then a week later you’ll realize how dumb it was to even be mad about it in the first place. Give people the benefit of the doubt, if they were being a jerk, odds are it wasn’t on purpose.

6. Eat healthy

I feel energized when I know that I’m putting good food into my body. Take time to make some fruit, veggies, a little protein, or something that will keep you full the rest of the day. If it’s going to make you feel sick, I promise it’s not worth it.

7. Treat yo self!

I am not disregarding my previous reason, but…. sometimes you need to grab yourself a latte, icecream, donut, candy, cocktail, chicken wing, or whatever it may be. Just remember, this is good for the soul! (This is what I tell my roomie every time I get her a donut.)

8. Write down your thoughts

As an internal person, I need to write just to get in touch with how I’m feeling or to understand what I’m thinking. Writing gives you time to process and have some time to reflect on your day and get your thoughts out.

9. Talk to a person you love

One of my favorite ways to have a good day is calling my parents, brother or roommate after I haven’t seen them for awhile. It’s refreshing to hear your loved one’s voices and catch up with them!

10. Go to bed early

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said to yourself “just one more episode” at 9 pm and then it’s suddenly 2 am and you’ve watched the entire season…. Take care of yourself! You might be dying to find out what happens in that season finale, but get yourself some sleep! You won’t regret it in the morning.

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