Pattern and Texture Inspiration

As I was picking an outfit this morning I realized my clean laundry had fleeted. Somehow I managed to throw something together with the remaining clean laundry I had. What I love about needing to be creative with outfits is that I always end up discovering a new combination from my closet that I’ve never tried before. Even if you think what you have is too bold or crazy, try it on for a minute and see how you feel. Combining bold colors, patterns and textures is very trendy right now to make your #ootd unique!

I put today’s outfit on keeping in mind that I was seeing my friend perform in a show so I wanted to find a mixture of business casual with an artsy flair.

My striped long sleeve is thrifted from the costume shop at my school for $2. I think it’s from the 80’s which is pretty fun! I found an almost identical shirt from Forever 21 that is a perfect match. My pink metallic top is from Zara and although they don’t sell this shirt anymore, there’s a similar one in the same color that I found here. My jeans I’ve featured before on another blog post and they are from a boutique in my town called Urban Found! I found another cute pair of fringe pants in black from ASOS that would look great with this outfit. (They’re also on sale!) Lastly my sandals are Birkenstocks and you can find them here.

Lastly, I love making mood boards to get excited for the next time I’m looking for some outfits to create. I put together some of my favorite patterns and textures on a mood board to help you get inspired the next time you’re out shopping. I hope you enjoy!

xo, Brynne

Texture Mood Board

Pattern Mood Board

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