Cozy in the Outdoors

I’m cringing as I see the beautiful fall weather coming to an end and notice winter slowly approaching… yikes. It’s always a hassle finding something warm enough that also looks cute. Usually it’s one or the other but I found a great idea to manage both!

My coat is from Nordstrom Rack and it’s Lucky Brand. Sadly they don’t have any coats left online, but there are still some left in stores. Here are some of my favorite Teddy Coats I’ve found at other stores such as Showpo, Urban Outfitters, and Gamiss.

The pants are from American Eagle and I wear them all the time. I love how stretchy and comfortable they are because they’re basically leggings but still have grit to them (plus front AND back pockets!).

My rain boots are from Michael Kors and although they don’t have my specific boot in stores, they have a newer edition that I’ve linked here. They go with everything and they don’t feel as stiff as knee-high rain boots!

I originally got my hat from Francesca’s when I was in high school (I feel old now) and I’ve finally started to wear it again. I’ve found a very cute version of this hat that’s pretty similar but has more structure from ASOS.

I’m doing my best to survive the next month and a half before the snow hits… I’m making the most of this weather and drinking a lot of hot apple cider… That’s they only way to get by, right? I hope you survive this rainy, chilly season!

xo, Brynne

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