Vintage Christmas

Hey guys, it’s ya girl! I’m just here to spread some Christmas cheer and a little outfit inspo! I can’t believe there’s 4 more days until Christmas! I love this outfit because not only do I feel a little vintage, it has little hints of Christmas. I thrifted my skirt from a vintage store in Montreal and I got my turtleneck from none other than TJ Maxx! Not to worry, I found some similar and super cute options to get this look.

There’s a couple cute turtlenecks I found online that are similar and can go with just about any outfit! The first is from Dynamite and the other is from Zaful. What I love about these is the rib detail and they’re tight fitting, giving them a sleek look. Maroon is such a classic color and a subtle reminder for Christmas.

Some skirts that I found are so cute and they’re from Zaful and Zara. The checkered pattern is so cute and classic, reminding me of the 1940’s.

If you’re going to a fun Christmas party or need something to go out to dinner, this will give you an outfit to go back in time a couple decades. Thanks for reading and as always, and I hope your Christmas is wonderful.

Xo, Brynne

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