Managing Money and a Cute Wardrobe

College breaks seem to go by so quickly! It feels like I’ve barely been at home and pretty soon, I only have a week left. It’s so nice to be able to take a break from classes, stress, and get away from the Midwest for a little longer. This past semester seemed like the clouds coming in for the big storm. As a senior, I have been knowing that I’m onto bigger and better things soon, but the reality of moving on to another chapter has not sunk in yet. I know some of my other seniors can relate or others who have been in my position at one point!

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As this has sunken in, saving up for whatever my next adventure is has also REALLY started to sink in. As much as I love fashion, performing arts, and all things creative, it’s been hard this year to save up and still support the things I love to do. The realization I’ve come to in college is EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE. I’ve really enjoyed how nice it is to shop on sale and find the good bargains when I want to hit the stores. Thankfully, I’ve gotten to do so!

My shirt and pants were both on sale which was so nice! (Otherwise, I honestly wouldn’t have gotten it because ya girl has got to save.) My shirt is from American Eagle and my jeans are Free People, but I found them at Nordstrom Rack. If you don’t usually read my fashion posts, most/all the Free People items I’ve found are either VERY on sale or very discounted at Nordstrom Rack. Ain’t nobody got time for Free People’s overpriced products, no matter how cute and nice they are! Also, my hat was a lovely gift from a family friend and I was so excited to get it because I don’t usually spend money on hats/accessories often. It’s from Pacsun! My shoes are also from Clarks and the closest model I could find to mine is linked here.

To all my friends trying to save money, my advice is always go to Nordstrom Rack, and also never forget to check the sales racks! I’ve always had great luck when I don’t think I’ll find anything.

Have a wonderful night and stay warm!

xo, Brynne

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