NOLA Day 1

Hello wonderful people! It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to travel somewhere but my family and I are in the beautiful New Orleans, and I’ve decided to keep you updated on our adventures! Day 1 has already been so much fun and I’m pumped to tell you all about it! First of all, walking around NOLA was amazing because of the architecture. Even in the residential areas, the houses are painted in colorful pastels and have accents of Victorian swirls. They are so different from anything I’ve seen on the East Coast or Midwest. I couldn’t get enough!


We started the morning by going to mass at the St. Louis Cathedral. It was so beautiful in there and it was founded in 1720, but opened in 1794. I didn’t take pictures of the inside as I wanted to be respectful during mass, but it was so interesting. (Also, the priest must have been around 80 years old and he was adorable and made funny jokes aha.) Even if you aren’t Catholic, I highly recommend going to mass or other religious services when you travel somewhere because it can give you an experience of how people live.


For all my theatre nerds, this one is for you! You can actually see Tennessee William’s house in NOLA. Unless you’re specifically looking for it, it’s a little easy to miss. There’s a little plaque on the outside of the apartment, and you can’t go in because it’s a residential apartment which was very surprising to me. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be taken care of, but it’s definitely interesting to see where a such a famous playwright lived.

The Louis Armstrong Park was next on our list. It was very modern and simplistic, and there were some gorgeous art statues as well as one of Louis himself. It was a nice way to walk around in the sun and go across the bridges.

Next, my family and I got lunch at this place called Central Grocery, which is known for their sandwiches which they’ve dubbed ‘Muffulettas.’ They’re giant sandwiches with different kinds of Italian deli meats, cheeses, and olive spread on them. My family of 4 split the sandwich and were full. (It was about the size of my head and cost $20.) They were also sooooo good! You couldn’t take pictures in the store because they were afraid of people coming in and stealing the family recipe, but I snuck a couple away from the prep line so you could get a feel for the place. The entire store still looks like it’s paused in time as it opened in 1906. You could get old fashioned looking groceries, bottled sodas, and many different kinds of beers.

Apparently, you haven’t toured NOLA unless you’ve hit Cafe Beignet. There are multiple locations for this cafe, but the original one is way cuter! A beignet is basically fried dough with powdered sugar on top. You can also get lunch and coffee at the cafe, and the original location is a super long, artistically painted building with a courtyard. It’s every millennial/gen z’s Instagram dream.


Since it’s our first day here, we decided we’d explore all over the French Quarter! You can walk along the Mississippi River and see the steam boats docked by the shore. Although there are lots of crappy tourist-trap stores and gross looking bars, there’s a mix of really cute stores and restaurants as well. They have a lot of antique shops, clothing boutiques, and art galleries. One of my favorite places to look in was Louisiana Loom Works. Ronda, the shop owner is so sweet and makes tons of stunning rugs! Not to mention, she adopted 8 cats and they all sleep in the shop and love to be pet by strangers!

For dinner, went to this pizza place called Pizza Delicious. It’s one of the best pizza places in all of NOLA and their thin crust is AMAZING. I’m also a fan of their Caesar salad. Sadly they were out of garlic knots, but apparently they’re super popular here.

Anyways, it’s been a great day to start off Day 1! I’m so excited to see what the next of the week has to offer! Have an incredible day and don’t forget to smile. 🙂

Xo, Brynne

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