Winter To Spring Outfit Idea

With the sun finally out, I can finally attest that Spring is here! I’m so excited to put away my parka and put on a sweater instead! I leave for Spring Break in just a couple of days and I cannot wait to get off of campus.


To be honest, when these pictures were taken, I was absolutely FREEZING. We had a snow storm and there was over a foot of snow on the ground. Thankfully, this outfit is perfect for the awkward transition into the spring season. As much as I loved walking in a winter wonderland, I’m so ready for the flowers to bloom!



My top is from Madewell. It can be dressed up or down which is super helpful and I’ve worn it for multiple occasions. It’s got a really interesting texture to it as well. The simple tie is so cute and adds a little bit of detail to the outfit.


My jeans are from American Eagle. They’re jeggings and they don’t have the exact dark blue ones that I have on, but they are always creating different colored jeggings! I’ve linked a similar style below.


My earrings are from a cute boutique store called Spring Sweet, and although I haven’t found any online, I’ve been a huge fan of the wooden earring trend and I linked some cute wooden earrings below.



Lastly, I got my boots from Nordstrom Rack a very long time ago, but I also linked a similar pair below that I love from them as well. Ironically enough, I bought those boots for $1 at Nordstrom Rack because they had a broken zipper, then I took them to a tailor and got them fixed for $5! They were originally $100 so I’m really thankful for that tailor. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with sunshine and the hope of warmer weather approaching! And if you’re going on spring break, where are you going? Let me know below in the comments!

xo, Brynne

Thermal Season

Yay, I am so glad to be back and writing about fashion again! My life has been SUPER crazy in the mixture of auditions and performances, and it feels good to have a bit of down time now.

I pulled out my thermal shirt because I love the texture of it, and it’s great to layer under sweaters or anything bulky! This thermal in particular is fun because of it’s bell sleeves and it flows a lot, making it so comfy to wear! My top is from Free People, and I got it from Nordstrom Rack, but they still have it in other stores too!


My bralette is from Aerie, and it is SO comfortable and affordable! They look so cute under basically any top. I love Aerie bralettes and the company in general because they support women of every race, body type, and include beautiful ladies in wheel chairs. I love supporting companies that support everyone, not just the stereotypical model. Brynne-53.jpg

My pants are from Francesca’s, but they are out of stock. I love the look of these pants, but in all honesty they’re not super stretchy besides the waist, which overstretched and won’t go back to where it was. I linked a pair of American Eagle camo pants I found because they’re soooo cute, on sale, and American Eagle jeans are so stretchy and always stay in the same size they were made.

My shoes are from the brand Wolverine. I got them at Nordstrom Rack which sells discounted Wolverine boots from time to time because they are initially very expensive. They don’t have the boots I bought anymore, but I’ve linked a similar pair from DSW below that are just as cute!

Brynne-41 (1).jpg

My earrings were a gift from my birthday, but you can find gold hoop earrings just about anywhere! Personally, I love Madewell jewelry so I linked their hoop earrings at the bottom because they are SO cute!

Lastly, my necklace is from Lucky Brand, but I got them when TJ Maxx was selling their jewelry for a short period of time. I found a beautiful feather necklace on Etsy that’s even more affordable than mine and is so pretty.

As always, I hope you have a wonderful day, stay warm, and cross your fingers for Spring weather to come soon!

xo, Brynne


Grab Your Sweater, It’s Chilly Season!

How’s it going friends? The New Year is off is a crazy start and it’s only been a couple weeks! I feel as if I haven’t gotten a break yet, but as Gloria Gaynor says, “I will survive!” The weather has been chill out and all I’ve wanted to do is to lay in sweat pants and a sweatshirt all day and watch Netflix. It can be so hard to be productive and want to get things done in the winter slump, but I’ve found a fun way to look cute and stay warm!


My sweater is from Pull and Bear, and I bought it from TJ Maxx! I am in love with this sweater because it is SO soft and cozy! It’s really comfortable and effortless to throw on with a pair of jeans, yet it still looks elegant and put-together. The color is great and looks good on anyone. (Gotta love those jewel tones!)



My necklace is from Altar’d State and sadly they aren’t selling it anymore but I really love the necklaces that they have. Their jewelry is very affordable, well-made, and super cute! Their longer necklaces would be really cute paired with this outfit.


My jeans are from American Eagle, and the light wash is a great contrast to the dark shade of blue from the sweater. The rips are a fun use of texture, but it was definitely chilly to wear these during a snowfall! I’m looking forward to using the jeans more in the Spring and Summer.


My boots are also from TJ Maxx, and I’ve found some very similar pairs on DSW’s website which I will list down below! Honestly, I love these shoes so much because they really continue the line of your leg and they carry over to any season of the year!

As much as the snow is beautiful, I’m really looking forward to some warmer days ahead of me! I can already see the green grass, blue skies, and warm, sandy beaches like mirage in all of these blizzards… We got this!

As always, have a lovely night!

xo, Brynne