Winter To Spring Outfit Idea

With the sun finally out, I can finally attest that Spring is here! I’m so excited to put away my parka and put on a sweater instead! I leave for Spring Break in just a couple of days and I cannot wait to get off of campus.


To be honest, when these pictures were taken, I was absolutely FREEZING. We had a snow storm and there was over a foot of snow on the ground. Thankfully, this outfit is perfect for the awkward transition into the spring season. As much as I loved walking in a winter wonderland, I’m so ready for the flowers to bloom!



My top is from Madewell. It can be dressed up or down which is super helpful and I’ve worn it for multiple occasions. It’s got a really interesting texture to it as well. The simple tie is so cute and adds a little bit of detail to the outfit.


My jeans are from American Eagle. They’re jeggings and they don’t have the exact dark blue ones that I have on, but they are always creating different colored jeggings! I’ve linked a similar style below.


My earrings are from a cute boutique store called Spring Sweet, and although I haven’t found any online, I’ve been a huge fan of the wooden earring trend and I linked some cute wooden earrings below.



Lastly, I got my boots from Nordstrom Rack a very long time ago, but I also linked a similar pair below that I love from them as well. Ironically enough, I bought those boots for $1 at Nordstrom Rack because they had a broken zipper, then I took them to a tailor and got them fixed for $5! They were originally $100 so I’m really thankful for that tailor. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with sunshine and the hope of warmer weather approaching! And if you’re going on spring break, where are you going? Let me know below in the comments!

xo, Brynne

Patterned and Textured Winter Outfit

The snow is finally coming down in Michigan and it’s getting really chilly! Although the winter months can be hard to get through sometimes, I really love a fresh snowfall. brynne-54My top is from Madewell, and it’s on sale right now which is a big plus! I love this top because I can wear it in the summer and winter as it has darker colors mixed in with a short sleeve. I love the slight pleats and the flare at the bottom. Not to mention, the little stars are such a fun pattern!

My cardigan is by the crochet artist London Kaye which I got at TJ Maxx! I love the confetti looking dots on the cardigan that you can see if you look closely. I had a lot of fun mixing it with my top because I could mix around the fun patterns and texture. The sweater is a little different than just a solid color, but doesn’t clash with the top.

My jeans are from American Eagle and they’re technically considered to be jeggings. I love their fit and the distressed denim makes them edgy and casual. The light wash makes for a great contrast next to my top.

Lastly, I got my boots from TJ Maxx as well. I’ve wanted knee-high boots for so long and I finally found a pair that was affordable! They go so well with my jeans because they fit over them nicely and the boots have a little bit of wrinkling at the top which adds a little texture and space to the boot. brynne-57When I first put this outfit together, I didn’t think it was going to work well. But I surprised myself when I put it on my body! It’s funny how I really can’t visualize some things until I wear it. It was so fun to mix and match to further my fashion palette!

As always, I hope you are having a wonderful day! Remember to stay warm and drink lots of hot chocolate!

xo, Brynne

Turtlenecks and Denim

If you haven’t noticed, I love layering long sleeves with my summer outfits to make them wearable for the entire year. My newest obsession: denim dresses and turtlenecks.

I found this denim dress at the local Salvation Army in my town. It’s definitely one of my favorite thrifted pieces in my closet, especially because I got it for a bargain! It’s rare to find things thrifting that fit me like a glove, so I was very happy to find this one.Before you consider buying any dresses, I definitely recommend looking for one in a thrift store if you are trying to save money. You never know what you might find. A couple of my favorite denim dresses are from Free People, Express, and American Eagle. 


As for turtlenecks, I’ve personally been sticking to more neutral shades so that I can wear them in multiple outfits, but I love finding fun ones! Some of my favorites are from Madewell, Forever 21, and Nordstrom Rack. I’ve had more trouble finding turtlenecks that fit snuggly when I’m thrifting because most thrifted one don’t fit that way. But it never hurts to try!


I hope you stay warm and have fun looking for some new outfit inspiration!

xo, Brynne